Welcome to CourtneeLove's World

Welcome to CourtneeLove's World
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Friday, February 26, 2010


Recently, I did one of the things I do best and that is change up my hair style yet again. I'm realizing about myself that one way I like to express myself is through my hair. Change when it comes to my hair is a good thing and I get bored with the same style after a while.
My best friend, Courtney, hooked me up this time! She always does my hair super fab but the cut is EXQUISITE! I fall more in love with my new hair everytime I look in the mirror!
I'm going to stop gabbing about it and jus show yall the pics. ENJOY!

These are just a couple of photos that I took and I hope that you can see "bobb-ness" of the cut. You NEED to follow my best friend on Twitter @COcaineCOurtney beacuse she is truly a BOMB.COM person & friend that I love dearly (& for many reasons besides my hair). I could go on for days but I'll stop now =)
**Let me know what you think**

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lately I have been engaging in a lot of conversations about the spectrum of relationships and dating. I have learned that there is a difference between "talking" to someone, "dating" someone and being in a "relationship" with someone. Most females are unaware that there are differences. I was one of those females and was constantly wondering why I was being left with a broken heart.
I don't talk to anyone at the moment. I'm not the type of woman that will talk to anyone just to say that I'm involved with someone, however, I used to be this "girl." I matured and realized that I deserved WAY more than what the people I were talking to were giving me. Finances and material gifts have always been the least of my worries but integrity, intelligence and respect are my TOP priorities and I was not receiving these.
If I had to put together my IDEAL man, he would resemble something like this:
nice personality
great sense of humor
stylish/sexy swagger
good communicator
dominant but not obsessively controlling
God fearing

I thought that this was simple because I bring all of the above to the table plus more. Maybe I'm living in a fantasy world.
Below are some pictures of some pretty hott men. I would take certain traits from each of these men to create my IDEAL MAN!
**Notice I said TRAITS! Just because these are pictures of celebrities does not mean that's what I'm after.

I'll leave it to you guys to decide which traits I take from who.....should be interesting.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I had a bad day today but I'm listening to Chris Brown's new mixtape and it's cheering me up. It came out yesterday and has 21 songs on it. I'm about halfway through and I love it so far! I love everything by Chris Brown but I really think he worked hard on this mixtape. I'm impressed. I was inspired to write this post because there is a song on the mixtape called "Big Booty Judy." It made me think back to last Halloween when I was Big Booty Judy.
I know I look crazy but this costume was my all time favorite Halloween costume. I had BBJ written across the front of my tank top and Big Booty Judy was written out on the back.
Random post but fun! You can listen to the mixtape at http://www.livemixtapes.com/

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today is Valentine's Day!! Happy Valentine's Day to you all! If no one has told you today or even if they have, I love you and I hope you had a great day!
I definitely had a great day because I spent it with my mother. She was the best Valentine that I could ask for. She showered me with her love, supplied me with unlimited laughs and made me forget that it was even Valentine's Day because this is normal behavior for us. My mother is one of my best friends and I wouldn't trade her for the world.
Let me tell you guys about our day. My mom woke me up this morning in the most disrespectful way. She woke me with her singing! AAHHH! Trust me when I say that it is horrible but comical. After her horrible singing, she made me go to church with her. I don't mind going to church I just don't like going to churches where I get nothing out of the sermon. My mom feels the same way but she is on the choir so she has an obligation to fulfill but church was super empty! Maybe the 40' of snow outside kept people away.
After church we came home and steamed some shrimp! My mom and I are huge seafood eaters and this was a perfect Valentine's Day treat for us. Then we went to the market because I needed some things for school. The whole ride to the market my mom was singing "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam and the dear and the antelope play..." and it was the funniest thing ever! It came out of nowhere and once again she thought she could sing and even tried to remix it.
I can always count on good laughs with my mother. She is as crazy as I am and she understands me better than anybody. My mom even made me Valentine's Day dinner. Want to know what dinner was? Cheeseburgers and french fries. Might seem like a bad meal to some but it was heaven to me because those are two of my favorite foods. I'm extremely grateful that I got to come home and spend the weekend with my mom.

This is a throwback picture of me and my mom. I have a lot of pictures of her by herself but this is the best one we have together.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


This post is a Beyonce double play! Valentine's Day is fastly approaching and I'm a SINGLE LADY that is RINGING THE ALARM!!
V-day has never been "single awareness day" for me nor has it been one of the best days ever in a long time. I think those who say that V-day is nothing special are HATERS! Plain and simple. V-day IS a special day. I'm "ringing the alarm" to let everyone know MY TAKE on Valentine's Day so listen up!
This day is not limited to just couples although most have this mindset. In my opinion, V-day is a day that you show or tell everyone who you love how much they are appreciated and how much you love them. Having a significant other is a bonus! If everyone looked at V-day this way it wouldn't be so many "sour apple bitter bishes" in the world. (compliments of Gucci)
I wouldn't mind having someone special in my life who would be my Valentine but I don't have anyone and I'm not about to get "desperate" and choose anybody. That's were males and females go wrong. Males want someone to have sex with but do you really want to spend a arm and a leg on someone who you don't even truly love? Females want someone to buy them gifts and take them out but wouldn't cuddling on the night of V-day be ten times better if you actually liked the person? #imjustsaying
I'm not giving up on love. I haven't had a real Valentine since I was a senior in high school but I have faith that God has someone for me. It's just taking a little long because He knows how complex I am and wants someone who compliments me and treats me like a queen.
In the meantime, this Valentine's Day weekend I plan on going to the movies to see Valentine's Day! This movie is going to be great!! I just know it! This movie has an all-star cast with celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, and Queen Latifah. This comedy/romance is about intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles that break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day. I recommend this movie as a "must see" for all, especially my ladies. You don't HAVE to go with a male either. Having a movie day with your girls would be just as great or maybe even better.
Make the most of your Valentine's Day everyone! I love you all!


It's snowing again! AAAHHH! It just snowed last Saturday! Hampton does not know how to properly clean up after snow, so I'm glad that today it wasn't sticking to the streets. What's up with this snow on the weekend though? Why can't it snow Sunday night so classes will be cancelled on Monday? That seems the most logical to me!
BUT I'm glad that I'm not at home right now. They had 24inches of snowfall when I last talked to my mom and the snow was still falling. That is entirely too much snow! All of my family and friends back home are snowed in and bored. I can identify with them because I'm sick :( and haven't gotten out this weekend. I feel horrible! My nose is stuffy, I can't taste anything that I eat and my body temperature goes from hot to cold within minutes. Being sick is the worst and I just want to get better ASAP! I just need some meds and a handsome male nurse to make me feel all better :)

These are two pictures that my mom sent me from back home of the snow. That's A LOT of SNOW!! TOO mch for me! It would have been pretty like 23inches ago.


I'm a Junior in college and I still have almost no idea of what I want to do when I graduate. It scares me when I really sit down and think about what I'm going to do post-graduation. When adults ask me "what do you want to do after college?" it irritates me and I want to say back "did you even go to college?" but I refrain.
Lately I have been thinking more and more about grad school. At first it was totally not an option because school is so draining, but now I have really been considering it, only to prolong having a full-time job. At the same time, I want a full-time job BUT only one that I REALLY enjoy.
A dream job "possible" would be working for a celebrity and handling all of their PR work. Which celeb? I would say celebs such as Jazmine Sullivan, Amerie, DeAngelo Redman, Tynisha Keli, and Teedra Moses. All of these celebs are good singers but I don't feel they are given the recognition that they deserve therefore need my help. Helping others achieve success has always been a "lowkey" passion of mine. I can't wait until the day when one of my celebs is being interviewed and they are asked "who is your publicist?" and their response will be Courtnee Love!
Success is so close I can feel it! I know that my future is bright!